Borough High Street Hotel Completed


Our regeneration of a prominent location on Borough High Street is at last operational as a new hotel.  The scheme comprises a 100-room hotel, three retail units and a gym for the students of King’s College London.

This sensitive and sustainable redevelopment of a historic site in Borough echoes the past, including a first-floor gallery that resonates with the local inns, an exterior elevation that is designed to mimic the existing movement of the high street with subdivided sections, and the reintroduction of historic yards.

The development includes a 99 room hotel, two retail units, a gym and the refurbishment of an adjacent listed building for residential use.

From the outset, quality and attention to detail was at the forefront; 200 bricklayers received a site induction and were asked to test-build complex sample panels to demonstrate their ability, this level of examination ensured quality was maintained on-site at all times, and resulted in a brick laying team of approximately 18.

The project has successfully recreated two historic yards using reclaimed granite setts, and is notable not only for its contribution to the street-scape and urban restoration, but for its significance to the redevelopment of the wider London Bridge area.



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