Part L Consultation – Act now!


The current proposals to reform Part L of the Building regulations do not go far enough to help us meet our climate change targets.

In fact, the proposed changes to Part L 2020 are likely to result in a step backwards, in a climate where we need a huge leap forward. The London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) have highlighted 3 key issues with the proposed changes to Part L:

1. Fabric performance is likely to get worse – a home in 2020 could be less insulated than a home under 2013 Building Regulations. The use of an energy efficient heating system has the ability to mask fabric performance.

2. Carbon & primary energy factors disguise the energy efficiency of a home. The energy consumption of a home can be high but carbon emissions low. This leads to inefficient homes which appear to be performing well.

3. Local authorities will lose the ability to meet their climate emergency zero carbon commitments if they are stripped of their powers to go above & beyond the new Part L.


The regulations are currently under consultation, and we need the industry to issue a strong response with as many individual responses as possible. Influencing this regulation is probably the greatest change that you could personally make in terms of reducing carbon emissions. LETI have prepared an handy guide to submitting a consultation response, with pre-prepared answers to edit, including a guide that takes only 15 minutes to complete. Architects CAN have also prepared some useful guidance.

LTS is one of the over 199 organisations to have signed to support LETI’s key messaging, and we have now all responded individually to the Part L consultation using their guidance.

The deadline to respond is Friday the 7th February 2020 AT 11.45pm. Don’t miss your chance to make a difference.

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