Global Climate Strike


This Friday 20th of September, millions of people across the world will be taking part in the Global Climate Strike. At LTS Architects, we’ll be pausing our normal project work for the day and focusing on a series of steps towards meaningful change.

We recognise that the building sector accounts for 39% of total energy-related CO2 emissions, so we must do all that we can to reduce our impact on the planet – before it’s too late.

We’ve spent time in the office over the past few months discussing how to turn the goals we have subscribed to in the UK Architects Declare movement into specific, measurable actions we can implement.

Below are some of the steps we’ll be taking tomorrow. They won’t all be finished in a day of course, but they’re a direction of travel.

LTS Architects Global Climate Strike Actions:

1 – Continue to develop a thorough library of sustainable/circular products and materials that we specify throughout our projects.

2 – Update our database of clients, contractors, and other collaborators who share our principles and our desire to act responsibly in how we think, design and conduct our practice.

3 – Consider our internal benchmarking processes in more depth.

4 – Prepare a pack of information for our clients, new and established, outlining our commitments to working responsibly and sustainably.

5 – Prepare a manifesto that highlights specific actions we’ll be taking to achieve these goals.

6 – Share a vegan lunch!

7 – Attend the Southwark Climate Rally


As we look to fill the gaps in our knowledge and working practices, we welcome your input and advice, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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