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We are committed to design excellence, sustainable outcomes and the highest quality of service; aims are underpinned by a simple desire to make a better built environment and, through this, positively contribute to people’s lives. Since being recognised by the Architecture Foundation as being one of ‘Britain’s Best Young Architectural Practices’, we have gone on to create diverse body of work and have been widely published.


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Who better than us? – Why Architects should embrace the evolving Principal Designer role.

As the director of LTS Architects, Greg Shannon sees the evolving role of the Principal Designer as a crucial opportunity for architects to increase their relevance in the construction industry and avoid further marginalisation. With the implementation of the new Building Safety Act 2022 and the requirement for two principal duty holders on all projects requiring a new Building Regulations application, the role of the Principal Designer has taken on a new level of importance and responsibility. The key differences between the previous CDM regulations and the current Building Regulations emphasize the need for the Principal Designer to take ‘all reasonable steps’ to ensure that the design work on a project is coordinated to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations.

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