HABLab, Guy’s Campus, London

Health & Education

The HABLab initiative by Kings College London aims to establish a Health & Arts Biosciences hub, restoring historic buildings and providing opportunities for Arts-based learning, teaching innovation, and collaboration with external communities.

King’s College London


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The HABLab is a new initiative by Kings College London that aims to establish a Health & Arts Biosciences hub in an existing historic building. The goal of the HABLab is to serve as a foundation for developing and adapting curriculums, thereby enabling new possibilities in Arts-based learning, blended teaching methods, and co-curricular activities.

This project offers an exciting opportunity to restore and celebrate the heritage of the Will’s Library, as well as expand access to the relatively unknown Museum of Life Sciences. Additionally, there is potential to open up the Gordon Museum of Pathology, the largest medical museum in the UK, which houses a unique collection of human artifacts, to new audiences.

By doing so, the Kings’ community will be able to collaborate with the outside world, fostering opportunities for the exchange of knowledge and building upon the innovative work of the Science Gallery London. At the heart of this interchange, serving as the entry point to this exceptional collection, will be the Health & Arts Biosciences Laboratory.