Kaunas Concert Hall, Lithuania


LTS collaborated with Aecom and Charcoal Blue on a competition entry for a new concert venue in Kaunas, Lithuania.

International Design Competition
Kaunas, Lithuania
£30 million


    1. Structural Engineer AECOM
    2. Acoustic Engineer AECOM
    3. Sustainability AECOM
    4. Landscape Architect AECOM
    5. Venue & Auditorium Design Charcoal Blue
    6. Strategic Planning Charcoal Blue

The building comprises a cluster of orthogonal brickwork volumes linked by a glazed ‘curtain’ to the north and a ‘gantry’ to the south arranged on axes in plan. Internally, the voids between these volumes are dramatic and varied.

The design allows each element to respond to both its function and context. To the west, the main hall looks out towards the city and cantilevers dramatically over the pedestrian route and a newly formed river inlet. Beyond this, the landscape is ‘untouched’ with board walks meandering towards the river bank.

The public spaces are easily navigable yet impressive. The halls and adjacent structure are logically and efficiently arranged to offer maximum visual connectivity throughout the scheme.

Our design responds to the specifics of the Kaunas climate and the concert hall functions along with minimising the embodied carbon of the construction and providing a nett zero carbon project. The resultant scheme is one that is compact, efficient, buildable and affordable.