Maberley Road, Crystal Palace

Residential & Mixed Use

The single-family dwelling at Maberley Road is a substantial refurbishment and extension of a 1930s semi-detached house in South London.

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The single-family dwelling at Maberley Road underwent a substantial refurbishment and extension, transforming the 1930s semi-detached house in South London. This sensitive renovation took full advantage of the property’s extensive gardens, resulting in a flowing and adaptable family home. The extension serves as a focal point for the previously compartmentalized dwelling, opening up the space to create new living areas, an asymmetric pitched roof, and seamless connections between the interior and exterior.

A large triangular rooflight frames captivating views of the tree canopies, inviting the natural surroundings into the home. This seamless blending of indoor and outdoor spaces is further enhanced by generous glazed openings and terraces that gracefully lead down to a private garden.

The house’s design incorporates simple detailing and the use of reclaimed materials, harmonizing the residence with its natural environment while giving the quality of the house an opportunity to shine.