Millstream House, Southwark

Residential & Mixed Use

Two-storey modular roof extension to existing residential block in Southwark

Planning Permission Granted

Millstream House is an existing 5-storey L-shaped residential block on Jamaica Road, with a view over Southwark Park to the South. The project consists of a two-storey roof extension to the building, creating six new duplex flats, as well as an extension to the existing stairwells and the addition of a new lift shaft.

The existing building’s traditional clay tile roof seemed incoherent for this modern 1930’s brick housing block, bringing it to an abrupt end that clashes with its strong and characteristic circulation towers.

The new extension extends the street facing roof-line in a set-back, mansard form, clad in profiled metal facade panels, with sloping dormer windows adding rhythm to the new facade while also bringing natural light into the new kitchens and open living spaces. The proposed extended brick parapet is a Flemish Bond with a projecting header to introduce texture and depth.

The park facing facade takes a different character, flush to the existing facade using profiled fibre cement panels, great mural wallpaper for the wall, introducing movement and warmth to this frontage. The inset balconies have decorative steel balustrades which repeat the triangular motif repeated throughout the new extension.

The new extension was designed in close collaboration with a modular construction specialist who informed the required parameters to allow for the extension to be built mostly offsite. This method of construction will minimise disturbance to existing residents and decrease construction times, while also allowing for better quality control.

The project was granted planning permission in June 2020.