Shetland Road, Tower Hamlets

Residential & Mixed Use

New social housing proposal for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
London, UK
Anticipated Completion 2020

The Shetland Road proposal provides 19 units on the site of 45 existing garages. In line with the surrounding buildings, the proposal is four storeys and is set back from the pavement to avoid the existing trees and their roots. A lightweight faceted deck structure to the east provides access to the flats at the upper levels.

Private amenity spaces are located on the western side of the building overlooking the semi-private landscaped communal space as well as a generous
playground at ground level.

Community engagement has been fundamental to ensure local support for the proposals and LTS have proactively developed and led a number of interactive consultation sessions with local residents. Driven by a desire to eliminate fuel poverty across the estate, the project is also designed to exceed current environmental regulations.