Heylyn Square, Tower Hamlets

Residential & Mixed Use

New social housing proposal for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets

London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Planning Permission Granted


    1. MEP Engineer AECOM
    2. Structural Engineer Price & Myers
    3. Principal Designer ORSA
    4. Cost Consultant AECOM
    5. Landscape Architect Staton Cohen Ltd

Heylyn Square is an affordable housing scheme for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets situated on a complex infill site.

It comprises 33 units over eight storeys on the site of seven existing retail units.

The building is an efficient block with a single central core and is designed to be broadly symmetrical to bookend the existing square.

The footprint is centralised on the site with landscaped communal amenity and child play space provided at ground level.

A simple diagram of stepping angles to the façade and roofline breaks-down the mass of the building and allows each unit to benefit from a south facing private amenity space.